Covid-19 Update

Updates to where NMMs are not required

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our anonymous vaccine poll on July 21 at the Halifax Shipyard.

In consultation with the Nova Scotia Department of Labour along with the applicable JOHSCs and Unions, we are amending our COVID-19 Non-Medical Mask (NMM) wearing Policy. This decision was bolstered by our recent voluntary and confidential vaccine survey which resulted in 82% have received at least one vaccine, with 56% having received two vaccine doses. This is a great result and exceeds Nova Scotia’s current vaccination percentages (74.9% and 54% respectively).

Effective July 24, NMMs will no longer be required in the following indoor areas, where 6 ft physical distancing can be maintained:

Halifax Shipyard:

Assembly & Module Halls

Ship Repair Machine Shop

Woodside Industries:

Production Areas

Marine Fabricators:

Production area

Shelburne Ship Repair:

Machine Shop

NMMs will still be required when entering/exiting the facility and when 6 ft physical distancing cannot be maintained, in common areas such as washrooms, elevators, lunchrooms (except when eating or drinking), locker rooms, ship’s corridors and offices.

NMMs continue to be required in all other areas with the following exceptions:

•At your desk by yourself;
•Working by yourself at your workstation or space onboard ship/MB/Unit/Warehouse or space onboard where 6 ft physical distancing can be maintained at all times;
•At your lunch/break table by yourself; and
•Wearing PPE such as a respirator that makes wearing a NMM unfeasible.
•It is mandatory for every individual to have a NMM on their person, which they shall put on, when 6 ft physical distancing cannot be maintained.

The personal choice of employees who wish to wear a NMM, even in areas where it is not required, is respected.

Thank you for your continued efforts in following the COVID-19 guidance from Nova Scotia Health and to get vaccinated. Together, we will get through this.

Keep safe and stay well.