Health Benefit one-month extension co-pay option available

Coverage now available through June 30th, with second option for July 31st

As a result of our employee layoff which took effect on Sunday March 29th, the Company initially agreed to cover 100% of the health benefits premium for all employees from March 29th through to May 29, 2020.

The Company will continue to offer employee Health Benefit coverage beyond May 29, 2020 for an additional month under the following terms:

•Employees will be required to pay their portion of the premium commencing May 30th for the one additional month of benefit coverage they are contractually entitled to (ending June 30th)

•This premium will be deducted from the employee’s pay upon their return to work.

•The employee will not be required to submit a cheque to Shared Services for their premium portion. An employee may request that the premium re-payment can be stretched over a four week period upon their return.

The Company is pleased to extend the laid off employees benefit coverage by an additional month (from July 1st to July 31st) with the employees agreeing to pay their portion of the premium upon their return to work. Again, if an employee wishes they can request a re-payment arrangement over a four week period.

Those employees who have not returned to work by the end of July will have their benefits suspended for the balance of their layoff.

If an employee does not want to continue their benefit coverage for the months of June and/or July, they are required to contact the Company through email at or by calling 902-474-1892 and leaving a message indicating that they do not wish to maintain their benefit coverage.