Working Together to Build Canada's Future Naval Fleet

We would like to clarify some recent public comments about our workforce at Halifax Shipyard.

At Halifax Shipyard we have invested more than $400 million to build the most modern shipyard in North America. We are proud of our employees and their work building ships for Canada.

Since starting to build Canada’s new fleet of Navy Combatants in 2015, we:

  • Hired over 400 new Unifor Local 1 shipbuilders. Today we employ 903 tradespeople and 617 staff for a total of 1,520 Halifax Shipyard employees
  • Increased employment by 66% and disciplinary incidents have reduced by 45%
  • Pay our journeypersons on average $72,300 per year before overtime; $82,100 per year including benefits
  • Supported 83 apprentices, all of whom are Canadian citizens, to become qualified journeypersons and support other apprentices to do the same
  • Invested $7.8 million in training to develop world-class shipbuilders
  • More than doubled the number of tradeswomen we employ and created programs focused on career opportunities for women and Indigenous Canadians
  • Committed to hiring Canadians first. Thirteen of our 903 shipbuilders, or about 1.4%, were hired internationally for their shipbuilding experience. These 13 shipbuilders are members of Unifor and are on a path to Canadian citizenship
  • Lowered our injury rate by 50% over the last five years

The economic well-being of our shipbuilders, their families, and the community for the next 25 years is dependent on our ability to efficiently build and maintain ships for Canada at a fair price.

We look forward to constructive negotiations with our workplace partner, Unifor Local 1, and are confident that we will reach a collective agreement that is fair and reasonable for our shipbuilders, and allows us to continue our legacy of efficiently building and maintaining ships for Canada.

Visit and for regular updates on our work at Halifax Shipyard.

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