Notice to Bargain

in Collective Bargaining

With the current collective agreement set to expire on December 31, 2017, Halifax Shipyard served Unifor Local 1 with a Notice to Bargain yesterday, August 3, 2017.

The Notice to Bargain is the first step in the collective bargaining process. It is an official request sent by either the employer or the union requiring the other party to commence collective bargaining. 

As we shared with Local 1, there are a number of important issues to be discussed with them in this round of bargaining.   

Commencing negotiations early will give both sides the opportunity to fully explore these issues and come up with creative solutions together.

We are committed to working with the Union at the table to modernize our collective agreement so we can meet our shared goal of efficiently building and maintaining ships for Canada.

This will put us in the best possible position to sustain Canada’s shipbuilding industry and to continue to provide careers in shipbuilding to generations of Local 1 employees to come.

We look forward to commencing bargaining early to ensure we get a new agreement in place for January 1, 2018 an agreement that benefits Halifax Shipyard and Local 1 employees, and continues to move us towards being the best shipyard in the world.